Word ID Assessment Across the Content Areas

Word ID Assessment and RtI Model of Instruction

Aligned with the Response to Intervention (RtI) model of instruction and assessment, the Word ID Formative Assessment System offers an inclusive and differentiated approach to assessing students’ proficiency in reading multisyllabic content area words. The outcome of student performance on the Word ID assessments informs the tier of instruction that the student might require. The student may require no additional instruction, strategic targeted instruction, or intensive intervention.

Purpose of Each Word ID Assessment Within the RtI Model

Maze Measure Determines who continues without support and identifies those who may be at risk of failure
20/20 Screener Confirms the results of the Maze Measure and identifies whether or not a student requires additional diagnostic assessment
360° Diagnostic Exam
Validates the outcome of the 20/20 Screener; identifies specific skill deficits to guide teachers in planning appropriate strategic instruction or intensive intervention